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E7N Narrow Bypass Package
- 50 Horsepower HVAC-Specific AC Drive with 2-Contactor Bypass

Building Operating Management 2010 Top Products AwardThe E7N Narrow Bypass package was a 2-contactor style bypass with HOA touchpad control, allowing motor operation from either the drive or across the line. This allowed continued operation even if the E7 drive is disabled by fault or intention. Drive maintenance must be delayed until line power can be removed.

The E7N was a versatile narrow enclosure that meets the space requirements of end users and OEMs, yet had the flexibility to meet the varying requirements of specifying engineers and HVAC designers.

Yaskawa received a Building Operating Management Top Products Award which recognizes product releases that appeared on FacilitiesNet and generated the highest level of click-through interest from building and facility executives.

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